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Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Wool Spinning Fiber Pin Drafted Roving 4 ounces

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wool natural black spinning fiber Black Welsh Mountain sheep

Black Welsh is often classed as a Down-Type Wool Breed. Here's an excerpt from "In Sheep's Clothing" by N and J Fournier..."The wool (down type) has a distinctive crisp feel and a full, spongy handle. Ranges in fiber diameter from fine to medium ...2 to 3.5" length. The fibers are long compared to the length of the staple because of a well-developed spiral crimp..contributing to the wool's excellent resilience, loft, bulk and elasticity.

The flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep this wool came from are registered with the American Black Welsh Mountain Sheep Assoc. Learn more about this breed at

Type: Down-Type Wool, Primitive
Breed: Black Welsh Mountain
Amount: Listing is for 4 ounces (1/4 lb).
Soundness: passes ping test, tips somewhat weathered
Fibre diameter: Medium, by no means "next to skin" soft. This will be from young ewes and lambs so it is somewhat finer than the rams.
Length: average 1.5" - 2.5"
Condition: very little VM which falls out when spinning.

More BLACK WELSH info: each fleece is uniquely different. This is a primitive breed that still sheds its wool (like shetlands and Icelandic sheep). Most fleeces will have the short new growth of wool (called "rise") growing up thru last years growth. Some fleeces have kemp and hair - these are things I can't skirt out (these challenges respond well to mini combs).
What I DO skirt out - course and hairy britch, hairy areas, dags/soiled areas, areas with excessive dandruff, leg wool, belly wool, large VM. Vm left will be small bits that can fall out during combing and carding.

The raw fleece was cleaned and processed at a custom mill into pin drafted roving so there is no pre-drafting required. You just pick it up and spin! This wool has had minimal processing and NO harsh chemicals or fiber strippers used (that's why there is a little veg in it). This means the very best qualities of this fiber have been preserved! It also means this fiber has a very small environmental foot print!

This fiber is pretty clean with only the odd pieces of veg matter (they're big and easy to see and get out!). I have spun up some of this myself and I don't have to pre-draft it at all. That's the beauty of pin drafted roving!

This fiber is 100% naturally black Welsh Mountain wool, raised in a humane environment on a Saskatchewan ranch. A very "close to nature" product! It has a lovely hand and anything you knit or crochet with it will be extra warm because that crimpy wool holds warmth!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being potscrubbers and 10 being a baby's bottom this fibers is a 5 with a pleasant firm texture.

This fiber will felt and can also be dyed but expect your end color to be darker because it's original color is dark. Hand wash in lukewarm. Lay flat to dry.

This listing is for a (very long) strip of pin drafted roving with a total weight of about 4 ounces.

Materials: Black Welsh Mountain Wool

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