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Alpaca Wool Blend Batt Rusty Brown Green Blue 1.8 ounces B007

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virgin wool natural Alpaca spinning fiber batt

A lovely fiber batt of natural rusty brown Alpaca and splashes of colorful wool in blues and greens! Since Alpaca fiber has very little "memory" and tends to sag when knit, blending it with wool corrects this tendency, giving your handspun yarn, bounce, loft and ribbing that holds it's shape!

The raw fleece was cleaned and processed by hand and drum carded into batts so there has been minimal processing and NO harsh chemicals or fiber strippers used (that's why there is a little veg in it). This means the very best qualities of this fiber have been preserved! It also means this fiber has a very small environmental foot print!

PLEASE NOTE: Although this is lovely fine fiber, there is more confetti veg in it than I like to see in an all-natural fiber preparation. All the batts I am offering from this particular farm are significantly discounted because of it. (Batts 001 to Batt 020) and I don't plan to carry any more of them, so here's your chance to scoop some really nice fiber at a nice discount! I find much of the veg can be removed when tearing the batt into strips and shaking.

The staple is medium length and the fiber is soft enough for next-to-skin wear. This fiber is humanely raised on a small Quebec farm. A very "close to nature" product! It has a lovely hand and anything you knit or crochet with it will hold it's shape because of the dual fiber blend.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being potscrubbers and 10 being a baby's bottom this fiber is an 8 with a very soft, silky hand.
This fiber will felt and can also be dyed. Hand wash in lukewarm. Lay flat to dry.

This listing is for one batt with a total weight of about 1.8 ounces.

Materials: alpaca fiber,virgin wool

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