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Clun Forest Sheep Wool Fiber Natural White Wool Crimpy Spinning Fiber 4 ounces

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Clun Forest natural white wool spinning fiber

Description from "In Sheep's Clothing" by Nola and Jane Fournier.
" Down-type - CLUN FOREST wool has the usual characteristics of down fleeces (short staple, low luster and a fine, elastic crimp), but it is also dense, fine, uniform throughout the fleece and relatively free from colored fibers and kemp. Handspinners can put the fine, bouncy wool to good use in socks, mittens, crush-resistant woven fabrics or blend it with other medium-to-fine wools and fibers for added loft and elasticity.

Breed/Wool Type - Clun Forest/Down Type
ID - #6M, a 2 year old ewe
Micron Estimate - 28-25 this is typically to the breed (on the finer side of medium).
Staple Length & Character - 4", some variation
Crimp Style - 4-5 per inch

Handle - Good impression, an even, medium fine-range texture, some dry tips but very minor and typical to breed. A crisp, lofty hand and moderate length for carding, producing fat and lofty rolags for spinning.

The raw fibers were cleaned and processed at a custom mill into spinning top so there has been minimal processing and no harsh chemicals used. This means the very best qualities of both fibers have been preserved!

This fiber is pretty clean with only the odd small bits of tiny veg matter. I have spun up quite a bit of this myself and I don't have to pre-draft it at all. The staple is long and the natural crimp means it clings to itself in a way that makes it super easy to spin fine!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being potscrubbers and 10 being a baby's bottom this fibers is a 6-7.
This fiber will felt and can also be dyed. Hand wash in lukewarm. Lay flat to dry.

This listing is for a strip of spinning top with a total weight of about 4 ounces.

Materials: Clun Forest Sheep wool

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