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Drop Spindle Abalone Chip Black Square Drop Spindle Bottom Whorl SP75

Regular price $24.95 CAD

Abalone chip inlaid bottom whorl drop spindle.

Novelty spindles are fun to use and challenge your spinning skills! This is a beautiful 50mm (approx 2" square) Abalone chip acrylic square drop spindle with a 9" twisted natural bamboo shaft. This thick, bottom whorl spindle weighs approx .90 of an ounce and has a sturdy brass hook. This is a great spindle for a beginner! It has good weight so it will spin a long time. The acrylic whorl is beautiful as well as virtually indestructible so it will tolerate being dropped a lot. Makes a great gift for the novice spindler!

Listing is for ONE spindle - multi shot shows all available so you know that you'll get a beauty!

DISCLAIMER: My spindles are warrantied against defects in workmanship, like glue letting go. They are not warrantied against abuse like allowing a child to play with it or dropping it on a cement or tile floor.

Materials: abalone shell,natural bamboo,acrylic