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Harlequin Knit Socks Hand Knit Wool Rainbow Checkerboard Size 7 - 9 Virgin Wool CT133

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hand knit socks made of 100% Virgin Wool

Just the thing to keep your toes toasty! Hand knit wool socks! Natural black color is crimpy squooshy handspun wool with a rainbow checkerboard design around the leg!
Totally funktastic gift for someone on your gift list!

These are thick and plushy socks, perfect for either hiking or keeping cozy in bed.

Lovingly hand knit with soft breatheable virgin wool, to keep you warm but not hot like synthetics will. Wool traps a layer of warm air but allows excess to escape as needed, so you're always feeling "just right".

These socks will fit a size 7 to 9. Model is a men's narrow 9 foot

CARE: Hand wash in lukewarm water, squeeze out (don't wring), roll in a towel to blot, lay flat to dry. Machine washing NOT recommended as this garment WILL felt.

Materials: virgin wool

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