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Hat and Cowl Set Unisex Hand Knit Handknit One Size Virgin Wool Oatmeal Color

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hand knit hat and cowl set

Just the thing to keep the wind from going down your collar! A Hand knit hat and cowl set! Natural Oatmeal color is a handy neutral that coordinates with virtually everything in your wardrobe!

The hat is a soft loose fit and says I'm-here-to-keep-your-head-warm not I'm-here-to-squeeze-your-brains-out! Great if you have a generous size 'fro or wear your hair in buns too!

Reversible basketweave pattern, so there's never a "wrong" side to the cowl! This cowl is long enough to easily get over your head and folds comfortably at the neck to maximize warmth without too much bulk. Will never fly off like a long scarf will and is small enough to roll and tuck in your pocket if the weather warms up during the day!

Lightweight so it's not heavy. Lovingly hand knit with soft breatheable virgin wool, to keep you warm but not hot like synthetics will. Wool traps a layer of warm air but allows excess to escape as needed, so you're always feeling "just right".

This set is One Size. The girl modeling it is a 2XL size so it should comfortably fit most.
CARE: Hand wash in lukewarm water, squeeze out (don't wring), roll in a towel to blot, lay flat to dry. Machine washing NOT recommended as these garments WILL felt.

Materials: virgin wool

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