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Mystery Bag Knitting Stitch Markers Lace or Sock Rings 12 per Bag06

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Mystery Bags are a super value limited quantity offering of 12 stitch markers for $15! Once this mystery bag is gone they're gone!

This mystery bag is all stitch markers with small rings, perfect for lace weight or sock needles. There are 12 beautiful markers in each bag and no duplicates! The markers in this bag are completely different from any of our other mystery bags.
The perfect gift for your favourite knitter or maybe treat yourself?

My stitch markers are made with nickel-free/lead free smooth rings so there are no ends to catch on delicate fibres. These rings will fit needles up to 3mm.
** Sorry, these markers are not convertible to clips or hooks.

Dangle stitch markers are more than just knitting needle jewelry! Dangle-style stitch markers have advantages, other than eye appeal. The lightweight dangles mean they move along your needles with ease and transition from one needle to the other easier than plain rings, much the same way that work-in-progress stitches move easier than first-round stitches. They also do not add bulk right at your stitches where you need it least. What's more, they're easier to find if you drop them (and we all drop them).

**Stitch markers are a choking hazard for children. Children should NEVER be allowed to use them as a toy! My stitch markers are NOT intended to be used by children!

Customer Reviews

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Linda Smith
Mystery Bag Knitting Stitch Markers Lace or Sock Rings 12 per Bag

An assortment of different stitch markers without any duplicates.

Teri Brown
Mystery Bag Knitting Stitch Markers Lace

I absolutely love these stitch markers. They fill out my sets so that I can use the same set for an entire project.