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Neck Warmer Cowl Smoke Ring Neck Sock Unisex Cowl Burgundy Tweed CP015

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Knit Cowl made from 100% Virgin wool super wash sock yarn.

Plush and smooshy soft, this hand knit Neck warmer is made from 100% Super Wash Wool
in lovely shades of Burgundy with specks of blue and pink, just the right amount of warmth for where your coat don't close.
Neck warmers offer convenience over a scarf because there's nothing hanging off you waiting to get caught in your work or your door. Fits perfectly into a pocket when not in use.

Length from edge to edge is 9 1/2 inches (24cm)

Care Instructions: May be Machine washed on gentle. DO NOT tumble dry. Lay flat to dry.

Materials: superwash wool

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