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No-Wrap Heel Sock Knitting Stitch Markers Lightweight Acrylic Rings Set of 60 /SM60A

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No wrap heel sock knitting snag free no snag stitch markers.

If you make no-wrap sock heels (for example, the type from "Crazy Toes and Heels" by Mary Beth Beatty) then this handy little set has been designed for you!
No-wrap sock heels can be the cat's meow, but finding a way to keep track of your last "turn" isn't easy, especially if you stop knitting mid-heel and come back to finish it later!

60 small, lightweight silver-colored acrylic rings have been strung on stronger-than-it-looks nylon cord. I "hang" the cord around my instep stitch holder and let the rings hang inside the sock. At every "turn" I slip a ring over my needle and it stays there until I come back to "finish" the turn. When I do, I simply flip the ring off and keep knitting. The handy cord keeps them all inside the sock! So superior to elastics or single stitch markers! Nothing ever gets lost or falls on the floor! In addition, having them all together like this makes them so much easier to find in your knitting bag!
These rings are a convenient size, small enough for "sock" yarn & needles, but big enough for "sport" or worsted weight socks and needles - perfect for your favorite sock needles and solid so there's nothing to snag on fine fiber!
Although 60 sounds like a lot of rings, that's only 30 per side on a heel. True, the "average" heel may only need 15 or 20 per side, but it's nice to have the extra in case you decide to knit for really big feet! These are acrylic rings so they are lightweight - a nice bonus!

This set of stitch markers is made with solid acrylic rings so there are no ends or edges to catch on delicate fibers. These rings will fit needles up to 4.5mm (US size 5), perfect for your favorite sock knitting! Set of 60, strung.

**Stitch markers are a choking hazard for children. Children should NEVER be allowed to use them as a toy! My stitch markers are NOT intended to be used by children!

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Nikii Murtaugh
Love this Gadget

I have to admit that I love gadgets. I didn’t quite understand how these stitch markers worked until I received it. Now, I wonder how I ever did without. Wish I had thought of this, but alas, I did not.