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Ocean Sunrise Shawl Hand Knit Semi Circle One Size Virgin Wool

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hand knit shawl

Starting with warm yellow, like the morning sun, the soft stripes of this shawl gradiate through shades of seafoam green and salty blues, with textured natural white stripes like frothy ocean waves! A sandless trip to the seaside to perk your spirits up when a s seaside vacation is out of the question!

Lovely sturdy textured lace edging like sea foam ripples ensures warmth right to the edge!

This shawl INCLUDES a lovely mother of pearl shell mosaic shawl pin in a soft sea blue-green. The perfect closure for this lovely feminine wrap!

Just the thing to keep your shoulders warm! A real color boost for the mid-winter blues! Elbow length so you can perform most tasks without it interfering with your movement. Perfect for wearing at your office desk, or curled up with a book or tablet and a cuppa'.

Lightweight so it's not heavy. Lovingly hand knit with soft breatheable virgin wool, to keep you warm but not hot like synthetics will. Wool traps a layer of warm air but allows excess to escape as needed, so you're always feeling "just right".

Semi-circle shawls stay on your shoulders without pulling or constantly adjusting, and there's no "tail" to sit on or floppy ends like a triangle shawl.

This shawl is One Size. The girl modeling it is a 2XL size so it should comfortably fit most.
CARE: Hand wash in lukewarm water, squeeze out (don't wring), roll in a towel to blot, lay flat to dry. Machine washing NOT recommended as this garment WILL felt.

Materials: virgin wool

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