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Blue Apple Buttons Happy Face Resin Shank Buttons 18mm (3/4 inch) Set of 8 /BT320B

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blue happy apple acrylic resin buttons

Delicious resin buttons! Great for dressing up your knitted, felted, sewn or quilted items as well as for closures! Buttons aren't "just" for buttoning!

Sweet and whimsical, these blue apple buttons sport a sweet smile! Sturdy acrylic resin that won't ever get bruised or attract worms! The back is white and has a durable shank loop.

These buttons measure approx 18mm long (about 3/4") and about 13mm wide (approx 1/2"). Set of 8 buttons.

Hard wearing and totally machine washable!

**Buttons are a choking hazard for children. Children should NEVER be allowed to play with them loose nor should they be used for eyes on a toy!

Materials: Plastic