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Slouch Hat Red Black Popcorn Beanie Wool Toque Cap Beret Crocheted CT0013

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Crocheted Slouch Hat Beanie Toque made from Super Wash Wool.

Need a good hat to take the bite out of winter's chill but can't find anything that says "ME"? Then try this wonderfully wooly "Popcorn" Slouch hat! Made with the utmost love and attention to detail!
Guaranteed to be a real show stopper and add a splash of color to winter's white canvas this season.

Measurements are 12 inches long (30cm) 12 inches across the WIDEST part (30cm) and approx 26 inches around the widest part (69cm) The measurements of the band is 8 inches across (20cm) and 17 1/2 inches around (Medium Adult size)

CARE: Machine safe on cold and hang to dry. NO BLEACH!

Materials: Super wash wool

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